We understand that landlords are busy people and in response to increasing regulation and are more cost conscious than ever. Sometimes it’s just easier to adopt a No Pets policy

Perhaps a previous experience that left you out of pocket, or a horror story you read online has put you off allowing animals in your property.

But what if there was a way to mitigate the potential risk? You’d open up a whole new number of tenants to consider for your property.

AdvoCATS can work on your behalf – for FREE – and provide you with enough information to make an informed decision when considering tenants with pets. Pending any rental reform legislation being introduced, we can advise your tenants on pet damage insurance and obtaining their own policy upfront.

What we can do for you:

  • Independently check tenants on your behalf
  • Assess pets and behaviour/breed traits
  • Obtain vet references demonstrating appropriate healthcare
  • Advise tenants re pet damage insurance options

Sample documents completed by AdvoCATS

Tenant Check


Pet CV


Vet Reference


Current home pics


Download our Pet CV and Vet Reference templates to pass to your tenants

Cat CV


Dog CV


Landlord reference


Cat vet reference


Dog vet reference


Pets bring joy and harmony to their owner/s and in many cases can help with health issues.

So long as the government allows pet insurance policy to be an allowable cost under the Tenant Fee Act, there is no reason for a landlord not to consider a pet in the majority of cases.

Philip Keddie FNAEA, FARLA (Honoured), MARLA (Inventories), Past President of ARLA Propertymark & Expert Property Consultant.

Expert property consultant

“No pets allowed” is often not set in stone, and an open discussion with the landlord or letting agent could see (a tenant and their pet) into the property.

Propertymark’s Renting with Pets guide provides advice to letting agents and their landlords that can help maximise the benefits of renting with pets while taking appropriate action to minimise the risk of damage.

Renting with pets guide | Propertymark

Property Mark

The issue of pets in rental properties has sparked a lot of, often emotive, debate and this conflict is not healthy for the sector.

A simple law change will set the framework for an understanding between the parties on a pet policy and the needs of both.

(We are) confident the measures (as outlined in Heads for Tails!), will lead to less disputes and complaints and the Property Redress Scheme, is very pleased to endorse it.

PRS Property Redress Scheme


Heads for Tails! is our hugely successful umbrella campaign that saw pet reforms included in the late, lamented Renters Reform Bill, which sadly never became law.

A simple change to existing legislation is the key to more landlords becoming pet friendly, and that’s why we were able to secure such widespread political and corporate support first time around.

Click here to read all about the campaign then and now, and our plans for post-general election 2024.



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